Kids shopping challenge

This week my 3 boys set themselves a healthy eating shopping challenge!  The challenge they are doing involves a significant amount of  maths, IT skills (they are online shopping) decision making, collaboration as well as their knowledge of healthy eating and their culinary skills when they set to work each night.

Each week they will take it in turns to do the weekly shop. Starting with the oldest child first so any younger ones can learn from observation...there are a few rules and requirements as well as a Budget!!!! They will also be cooking their dinners each night. My 8 year old will of course be getting support but the expectation is that they will plan, buy and cook it all themselves.

 A copy of the activity sheet can be found in our resources page along with other activities for children of all ages.

The first delivery has come and our week starts today! The evening meals look really healthy and Im confident he can create the meals independently.  The delivery does however include 

  • 3 x 6 packs of Doritos "for school snacks!"!
  • some pot noodles "in case we get peckish - you normally make us eat fruit!"!!!
  • 6 apples and 46 bananas - clearly we arent going for variety in our fruit this week.  
  • Overspent because Tom had bought too many meals (ingredients left over)
  • However, all fruit was eaten without too much moaning
  • Bannanas had to be eaten first because they would have gone off
  • Everyone was happy with the meals with no complaining
  • everyone had their 5 a day because of the variety in the meals.

Wish us luck! I suspect I will be starving in a few days

After that successful week, my second son Joe thought to learn from Toms week and spend less by getting less ingredients.